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GAtool - Global Academic Community has developed a leading-edge Academic Exchange program that allows education service providers and enquirer to meet on the internet via a "shared information platform".

There are three easy steps connected to the GAtool
Register as a GAtool member for free.  
Post your request on the GAtool website.  
Your request will be distributed to all GAtool members immediately, and you will be contacted by community members, via email.  


We facilitate information exchange among all academic service providers worldwide. GAtool is an invaluable self promoting tool for :

•  Universities and colleges in search of collaborations with other institutions; short and long term faculty positions; graduate or post-graduate students; overseas education consultants; seminars and conference participants.

•  Faculty members in search of a short or long term teaching position; research collaborations with other faculty members, short term training; graduate or post-graduate students needing supervision; conferences and journals who will review research papers for publication.

•  Students in search of their university of choice for undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate enrolment; education consultants; research advisor for masters/Ph.D. supervisors.

•  Education consultants in search of consulting contracts with universities and colleges; undergraduate and graduate students; fairs to attend in order to improve their services.

•  Fair / Conference organizers in search of conference participants and subscribers to their activities and journals; papers to be published in reviewed journals.

The GAtool is a member of Hillsom Information Network Inc. a corporation incorporated under the law of the Province of Ontario.