About GAtool - Global Academic Community

The credentials of a university or college rely mainly on its faculty members and students and its interactions with other universities around the world. With the ongoing competition among education and training centers to strengthen its reputation ?be it national or international ?universities need to be more open in order to encompass a variety of ways of thinking and doing things. Allowing them to attract visiting faculty members, international students, administrators and above all, to interact with other institutions. GAtool has developed a leading-edge Academic Exchange program that allows all of the education service providers to meet on the internet via a "shared information platform". With the use of an internet connection, participants can go to www.gatool.com , and to be in touch with the academic world and access global opportunities. Participants can contact the service provider of their choice and start negotiation toward a final agreement.

The GAtool platform allows an institution member to post its profile and to have direct access to a long list of faculty members and students who want to have an academic experience outside of their university and a list of institutions in North America, and worldwide in search of international collaborations. The GAtool platform improves the entire "academic service" process, eliminating communication barriers and the need for outdated communications solutions. Information is transmitted instantly to all subscribers for decision-making enhancement. Agreement rules can be defined, managed and enforced automatically.


We facilitate information exchange among all academic service providers worldwide. GAtool is an invaluable self promoting tool for :

•  Universities and colleges in search of collaborations with other institutions; short and long term faculty positions; graduate or post-graduate students; overseas education consultants; seminars and conference participants.

•  Faculty members in search of a short or long term teaching position; research collaborations with other faculty members, short term training; graduate or post-graduate students needing supervision; conferences and journals who will review research papers for publication.

•  Students in search of their university of choice for undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate enrolment; education consultants; research advisor for masters/Ph.D. supervisors.

•  Education consultants in search of consulting contracts with universities and colleges; undergraduate and graduate students; fairs to attend in order to improve their services.

•  Fair / Conference organizers in search of conference participants and subscribers to their activities and journals; papers to be published in reviewed journals.

The GAtool is a member of Hillsom Information Network Inc. a corporation incorporated under the law of the Province of Ontario.